3 Great Ways To Measure the Value of Your Content Strategy

Content marketing is a remarkably promising growth strategy for your business. But, as with all elements of digital marketing, it should be tracked and measured to prove its’ value to your business. 

Here are the three measurements that you should be obsessing over when it comes to your content:

How many new people you bring to your site

At it’s core, content marketing is a strategy to increase your search ranks and bring new people to your website. That means you should be obsessively tracking how many people, and what kinds of people, each piece of content brings to your site.

Action step: To create content that continually brings people to your site, analyze the keywords that are bringing the most traffic to your site. Develop quality content that speaks toward the intention of those keywords.

How well your content ages

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Don’t lose sight of your “old” content. The greatest thing about content marketing is that it seeks to create useful things that are always useful. Don’t worry about huge view and share numbers, but focus on how consistently your content is being viewed and shared. Great content lives on. Poor content is quickly forgotten.

Action step: Tenaciously create content that stubbornly sticks around. Ask yourself, “When it comes to my business or brand, what will people always need to know?”

How many actions your content inspires

The real beauty of content marketing is it’s remarkable ability to inspire actions. When done well, content has long-tail keyword benefits that effectively grab the attention of your market through meeting their immediate needs. That’s more than marketing; that’s great business.

Action step: Obsess over the call to actions that are built into your content. CTA’s should be clear, creative, and specific. People won’t go where they aren’t guided.

The infographic below is a great reminder of the importance of tracking your content to ensure its' effectiveness. We stumbled across it on Pinterest, and think it’s pretty legit. 

8002ec1f969b47638e51fa5d050b3884 Infographic created by Brandpoint. Found on Pinterest.