We’ve gained clients and employees, launched a number of sites, threw some great social events, and sent lots and lots of emails. Join us as we take a look back at how 2016 went!

This was a remarkable year for Adept. Let’s break it down:

1. 21 New Clients (Welcome!)



A nice mix of retail ecommerce and lead gen clients joined our roster this year. They run the gamut across services from web development and content to PPC and SEO. But no matter what their main objective, nearly every one of them needed analytics support of one type or another. We’ve been die-hard analytics believers forever, and clients are now singing OUR song.

2. 19 New Hires (We’re So Glad You’re Here!)



When we help our clients grow, we grow too. In order to support our 21 new clients with exceptional service and delivery, we welcomed a host of new faces into the Adept family, all of whom have been critically important since day one. As a result of the growth of our business, we’ve added a team member to every single department at Adept this year! The account strategy team grew the most, and is providing account leadership that benefits both clients and our internal teams.

We also built a program to onboard fresh talent to gain maximum experience within digital marketing. Our Digital Marketing Associate role allows recent college grads to rotate among departments and support various teams to define their niche and potential career path. The first class is already moving into other roles!

3. 16 Websites Launched (whew!)


Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 4.57.41 PM (2).png



…and that is in addition to all of the sites we maintain each month. We build well-strategized, concepted, and designed websites and then rely on them to perform. In the early discovery and strategy phases, our PPC, SEO, analytics, content, and web SMEs are involved in planning for long-term success with performance metrics in mind.

4. 12 Kick-Ass Social Events (including the Hottest Halloween Costume Party in Town)


Agency life can be hectic: lots of meetings, deadlines, seemingly endless lists of tasks from Asana, and so on. In order to check out for a few minutes, we kick back as a group at least once per month. Sometimes in-house happy hours with tons of libations, food, and friendly matches of Cards Against Humanity or Adept-branded cornhole. Once a quarter we venture out for paintball, high-ropes, or canoeing. And once a year: Halloween. Costumes required.

5. 102,480 emails sent (best to over communicate)



Well, we are professional communicators, so when you divide that out and spread it over lots of clients and associates, it makes sense, but STILL. This is over 100K emails—in a place where we use collaboration tools like Basecamp, Gather Content, and Invision specifically to get things OUT of email. If you need us quickly, email is probably the best way, but we also answer the phone!

6. Love is In the Air: 5 Engagements & 3 New Babies!



A few years ago, everyone was just getting a dog! Well, some associates also got new dogs this year, but the focus has been more on the human family. Three babies were born into the Adept family this year – all boys! Meanwhile, five of us got engaged. 2017 will be filled with weddings and honeymoons. And maybe more babies in 2018...?

Focused on Looking Forward–and not Behind:

At Adept, our mission is to be forward-facing, aggressive, and innovative. As we begin the new year, we’re looking forward to another year of meaningful growth, and most of all—success for our clients.. Stay tuned to find out what we accomplish in 2017!