We got some big news this week. And we’re reacting in the best way we know how—well played GIFs.

It’s been a week for (more than usual) celebrating around here.

Why? Because this week, we found out that we made both the Inc. 5000 and the Columbus Fast 50 lists this year.


Awards and recognition are cool and all, but we’re not driven by that kind of stuff. Having said that, it’s pretty nice to get some cred. After all, those awards represent a ton of hard work, sweat, and sacrifice from our team.

So, yes, we’re pretty stoked about it. We may have even had a similar reaction to this guy:


But we’d be remiss to steal all the credit without giving some acknowledgement—because this award also represents the many clients that we partner with to grow their businesses and drive maximum marketing results. 

Yes, you—thank you for placing your confidence in us.


It hasn’t been an easy path. No growth story is without challenges, bumps in the road, big wins and tough days. We've certainly had our fair share. But we get our geek on when we are growing businesses—ours included.


We delight in our esteemed company. Lots of great companies, many of them agencies, have appeared on these lists. And when we step back and look at where we are today, we are even more excited about what is coming next. We are busy planning for 2017—so stay tuned!