How does a dental office triple its new patient lead count?

By leveraging a strategy for targeting new patients through a professional and streamlined website.

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Industry: Dentistry


This office is a full-service, state-of-the-art dental practice serving communities throughout the Columbus, Ohio area. While they run an advanced operation, they didn’t have the online identity they wanted and needed to develop a more professional website presence. As every small business should do, they wanted to utilize their website as a tool to drive new customer leads.


Adept began working with the practice in February of 2009 and launched their new site in the summer of 2009. Once the website was launched, tactics for generating more traffic, and ultimately new patients, to the website were discussed. Adept started running paid search campaigns in January of 2010 and have been running them ever since. Adept ran campaigns on Google for approximately 8 months and recently added Yahoo and Bing to the mix.


New patient leads have steadily increased since Adept began running the campaigns – starting with approximately 15 to 20 new patient leads per month. Now with a fully optimized campaign on all search engines, the practice is getting approximately 35 to 45 new patient leads per month.

monthly paid search leads for Worthington Ohio dentist