Culture is the Conduit for All Good Things

Strong culture keeps people driven and satisfied at work.

"Leadership drives culture. Culture drives behavior. Behavior drives results." I heard this mantra spoken by Coach Urban Meyer on the Conquering Columbus podcast, and it stuck with me. I have no idea if the mantra is an Urban original or borrowed from another leader. Regardless, it made me stop and think about its application in my life. At the time, I was unemployed due to the pandemic. It wasn't an ideal situation, but it did give me a brief pause to consider what I wanted in my next opportunity. I knew I wanted autonomy, work/life balance, collaboration and transparency. But ultimately, culture is the conduit for all good things. 

I have worked at several agencies and organizations throughout my career. When I look at my most tenured roles, it's easy to reflect on why I was happy there. The leadership team created and maintained a strong company culture. The opposite was true when I moved on from a role. As I embarked on my job search, I was fortunate to find Adept Marketing. Not because my search took place while navigating a pandemic and all the challenges that come with it. It's a company that embodies the culture I need to thrive. 

It Starts With Core Values

At Adept, we live our core values. That's very different from establishing core values. We incorporate our values into our presentations, evaluations, and celebrations. They are well-known and often recited because they're the ties that bind. When everyone in the company, from the CEO to interns, is clear on what truly matters, behaviors change. Behavior, as Coach Meyer says, drives results.

All Voices Matter

There is complete transparency across the organization, and everyone plays a vital role in our success (and occasional failures). All voices are heard, and everyone's opinion matters. Whether it's the day-to-day work and deliverables, career growth, working from home plans, etc., we grow and make decisions as a team. We all can, and are encouraged to, lead. It's the type of culture that keeps employees driven to succeed and ultimately satisfied in their jobs.

Stay True to the Mission

Culture takes on many meanings, and in the agency world, it frequently takes a sharp left to Funtown. Yes, part of the joy of working for an agency is that they typically exist in casual environments. Complimentary beer and ping pong tables (both of which exist at Adept) are commonplace. However, that's not the type of culture that keeps employees satisfied. Instead, companies need an established mission, and everyone's role needs to ladder up to that mission. Coaches, like Urban Meyer, do a great job of helping team members believe in themselves and the mission they must accomplish together. 

Like most new hires during the pandemic, I started my job at Adept remotely. But, I don't feel disconnected from my teams or the company culture. We perfected Zoom meetings and found ways to laugh with each other and feel connected as a team. Every Friday, the leadership team hosts a virtual company meeting where they provide transparent updates about the state of the business, and everyone gets the chance to publicly praise team members who went above and beyond that week. 

Without question, Adept is a perfect fit for me. While being laid off by my former company wasn't a pleasant experience, it led me to a position that I truly value and a company that values me in return. Coach Meyer would be very proud of this team.