Discovering Exponential Results Through Integrated Marketing

If you’re a farmer, a silo is a good thing. But in marketing, it’s a four-letter word (the bad kind).

When you silo your marketing efforts by going with different agencies for different channels or by looking at each channel independently, what you’re getting are fragmented data sets and isolated key insights that often inhibit results.

But you can replace those four letters with two words: integrated marketing.


Integrated marketing means taking a holistic view of all marketing channels, how they interact, and how the key insights can be applied across mediums. (More coming on how this works and why this rocks.)

With no barriers between key marketing tactics, everything from website design to search engine optimization and pay-per-click work together to maximize results. These types of results wouldn’t be possible without finding the opportunities that exist across channels.

That sounds great, but how does it work?

So in the broadest sense, integrated marketing means working with one agency that is capable of handling all of your digital marketing efforts with an integrated team. Seems relatively straightforward, but what does it really look like?

Here are two examples of what can happen through integrated marketing.

Example 1

One agency is running your SEO. They’ve run the program, done the research and have identified the “perfect” high-volume phrases that seem like home runs. However, the firm that’s running your PPC already learned that those “home runs” are really duds. Through their initial ad testing, they’ve proven that those phrases do not convert clicks to customers. Without this insight, the SEO agency keeps spending resources on those phrases for six months before realizing what the PPC agency was able to learn immediately.

In contrast, integrated marketing is all about real-time knowledge sharing. The PPC team tells the SEO team that the phrases are ineffective before they get too far into their strategy development. This one example saves the client over six months of wasted marketing budget and valuable time.

Example 2

The agency working on your content marketing has found what it thinks are effective SEO keywords and stuffed your content full of awkwardly worded phrases to fit them in. That content is everywhere - from your marketing efforts to your website. The words are there, but the traffic is not.

As search engine algorithms advance, just having the right SEO phrases isn’t going to cut it. Today, strong content wins. Taking an integrated approach, your content marketing team instead focuses on producing strong, shareable campaigns. The content is consistent and encourages and inspires the audience to keep coming back. And, the SEO team can chip in with phrases that add just a little extra touch. Keeping everything in-house, that content moves to the web design team, where they are able to build a platform that visitors engage with and want to use.

Here’s the Big Takeaway

Building three different silos for three different marketing channels is going to give you three decent results. When you have three overlapping marketing channels managed by one integrated team, you get four great results. It’s all about making sure the channels work together.

What Integrated Marketing Looks Like at Adept

Those four results - that’s what Adept is about. You can’t get anywhere if you don’t know where you’re going. Here, integrated marketing looks like this: we start with your goal and make sure all channels work together and overlap to drive you towards that goal.

We have a motto, if we can’t measure it, we don’t do it. We’re numbers nerds that are constantly monitoring your analytics. This ensures that what we’re doing is effective and if it’s not, we catch it and fix it quickly.

We have the capabilities to paint the whole picture. From SEO to email marketing and conversion rate optimization, we offer all these services so we can help our clients build a strong, integrated digital marketing program.