Before today, I have been impressed with the efficiency and demographic targeting of Facebook's advertising platform. The only frustration I was experiencing was not being able to track conversions within Facebook to have an instant view of my cost per acquisition.

Today, I found an email from Facebook in my inbox announcing that they added conversion tracking! This means we'll be able to measure any actions visitors take on our site after clicking a Facebook ad.

Watch out Google! Not only is Facebook cheaper on a cpc basis... I have a feeling the traffic converts better as well.

Here is the announcement from Facebook:

Conversion tracking allows you to track the activity that happens on your website as a result of someone seeing or clicking on your Facebook Ad. In combination with ad statistics like impressions and clicks, conversion tracking will help you better understand the value of your Facebook Ad campaign, and more efficiently manage your ads. With conversion tracking, you have the ability to track registrations, sales, or anything else that makes sense to your business. Give it a try.