There are plenty of reasons, even in today’s business climate, to seek out web design firms that specialize in designing unique sites for a variety of clients. 

Though there is a growing list of freelance Web designers scattered throughout cyberspace offering “template” designs that are supposedly customizable, these are not yet at the level of sophistication for corporate clients.

If you are a company in the Ohio area, you are in luck because there are many great web design firms in the Columbus area that can efficiently meet your Website design needs.

With the growing sophistication of the Web, coupled with the fact that more and more people do a majority of their business exclusively through the Internet, it is becoming imperative for businesses to establish thorough and integrated online presences. To accomplish this, a company needs to have an engaging Website as an anchor for every other Web based initiative.

Below are the four things that you should evaluate when speaking with a Web designer to design a custom Website.

Social Media Integration

With the rise in popularity of social networking and media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn, it is vital that any corporate Website feature these aspects in its online campaign. This means having interfaces for each of these sites incorporated into the design of the master Website in a seamless and fluid manner.

Easy Usability

Nothing will damange an online presence more quickly than a Website that is hard to navigate. If a person cannot find what they are looking for from your Website in five clicks or less, you have lost that person, as they will look somewhere else for whatever it is they are trying to find. Time moves much faster in the web world, so make sure you take every precaution to avoid wasting the time of your potential customers.

Streamlined Trumps Cluttered Every Time

Kind of tangential to the previous point, you need to ensure that you insist that your Columbus Website design firm simplifies the design, and avoids unnecessary clutter for the final website design. The more buttons and Flash animations that you have on your front page, the harder it will be for people to tell what it is your Website is designed to do.

Make Contact Information Prominent

And, the most important thing to stress to your Website design firm, is to make your contact information prominent and easy to get to.