At Adept, we are always thinking of new ideas that would make life easier. The only problem is that we are marketing people, not engineers, programmers or scientists. So, we just post the ideas here and hope someone can make them a reality.

The iPhone Remote Starter App

I was sitting in my office the other night watching the snow fall and accumulate on the cars below. I wanted to call it a day but was dreading the process of thawing my car in the freezing cold. That's when it hit me. Someone should create an app for the iPhone that integrates with a remote starter system in the car. Ideally, you could start your car, set the temperature, turn on your defrost settings and let it all warm up while you sit comfortably in your office chair.

To those of you thinking, "but they already have remote starters," think again. The remote starter is limited to a very short distance for it to work. If you park your car 100 yards or more away, it won't work. The iPhone app would allow you to start your car from anywhere you have cell service.

One other bonus would be having the ability to unlock your car via your iPhone. You'd never have to worry about losing your keys again. Zip Car recently released an app that allows users to reserve a car and unlock it from their phone. How cool is that?