Google Rolls Out New "Webspam Algorithm Update"

As any Internet search marketing professional is aware of, Google continues to make changes to their proprietary search results algorithm. This algorithm ultimately decides what results are presented when a user performs a specific search. 

The reason they continue to make updates to this algorithm is in an effort to provide the most relevant and high quality search results on the Internet.

The most recent update that Google made was the "Webspam Algorithm Update". This new update was launched in an effort to reduce the amount of search results from people who "spam" webpages in order to try and deceivingly gain better rankings. The new update is going to target such "search spam" as:

  • Keyword Stuffing - Loading a page with target keywords in an attempt to manipulate rankings
  • Link Schemes - Links trying to manipulate PageRank, links to web spammers, link exchanging, etc.
  • Cloaking, "sneaky" redirects, "doorway" pages- Serving different content to the search engines than to users, hiding links in JavaScript, and poor-quality pages optimized for a specific keyword or phrase
  • Duplicate Content - pretty self explanatory here...duplicate content refers to content on a website that is used multiple times or taken from other websites

So, what does this mean for SEO companies like Adept and for every website on the Internet? It means that Google continues to encourage high-quality, "white hat SEO" tactics when optimizing websites because white hat tactics support SEO best practices. One of the many goals for Google is to reward websites that create a good user experience for searchers. Another goal is to encourage unique, fresh content on the Internet in order to provide a realistic ongoing perspective.

Here at Adept, we are acutely aware and in-tune with SEO best practices, as indicated by Google, as well as upholding the highest level of ethics. Our mission is to help clients optimize their websites to the fullest extent by following the SEO guidelines Google, and the other search engines, have put in place. This is how we operate and we take pride in that.

To read more about this topic, please refer to these credible sources - Search Engine Land, Official Google Search Blog