Google's Launches New Knowledge Graph

Google makes so many changes to its search engine results pages (SERPs) and to its internal algorithm that it can be overwhelming! They are always trying out new ideas and concepts in order to improve search results for users. In this effort, they create many concepts that don't catch on but they also create many concepts that change the history of online search as we know it. 

One of those changes, in my opinion, has just happened with the launch of their new "Knowledge Graph".

Here is a video put out by Google that explains this new Knowledge Graph concept:

This is just another step for Google in trying to create the most comprehensive search engine on the planet. The new Knowledge Graph pulls in information on the specific item you've searched for and also provides information on relative topics. This allows a user to quickly navigate in whatever direction they would like from one central search result. This is extremely user friendly and provides intuitive search information, based off what other users have already been searching for.

The only down side to this is that there is limited space in the search engine results page for the Knowledge Graph results. This means that a user will have to click on a link within the Knowledge Graph info or click on an organic listing to dig deeper. However, overall, this is a great new addition to Google's results pages. What do you think?!