Wait, 2013 is over? Wow...what a rush! We recently pulled together some key performance numbers across the board. 

We thought it'd be nice to internally pat ourselves on the back and reflect on the outcome of all the caffeine-supported hours of strategy development, website launches, and optimization obsessions.

We even managed to squeeze in some blood, sweat and tears at the ping-pong table along the way. Our MO isn't to brag on ourselves, but we do think this might be a great time to make an exception because our hearts are pretty dang full of pride. 

 Our marketing results in 2013:
Adept Marketing Results Infogrraphic

This is the kind of stuff that fuels our fire. We build finely tuned, performance website machines for clients who are obsessed with results, and we're already burning through the coffee in 2014. Want to improve your on-line presence? Let's chat!