In order to be the best, you have to have an action plan. Here is how we approach digital marketing.

I recently sent this e-mail to everyone on the Adept team and decided it would be good to share publicly. I want everyone to know our “secret” to success and the culture we are absolutely passionate about creating.

The following was sent to the Adept Internet Marketing team on June 18, 2010.

It's never been clearer to me that Adept Internet Marketing absolutely can and will be the best Internet marketing company in Ohio, if not the U.S., in the next few years. How will we do it?

1) An insatiable pursuit of excellence in our skill set.
We already have the best cost per click marketing talent in Columbus but we want to be even better. Continue to grow and strive to be the best in the World. We already have the best website design and usability people in Columbus. Pursue more knowledge and keep killing it! As we grow, we will find only the best most talented marketers out there and just by being on our internet marketing dream team, they will be elevated in their skill.

2) Nurturing not serving clients.
At Adept, there is no such thing as client "service." It's client "nuturing." This means that we will care about out clients as if they are our best friends. We will take more pleasure in their success than our own! We will guide them and lead them to their destination with patience and educational support. No email or conversation with a client will ever be just transactional. We will be personal and sincere at all times.

3) Working hard but having fun.

We can't be the best if we don't work hard. However, because we only work with clients we like, it should always be fun. We will keep a positive attitude that is clear to all our clients that we must really love what we do.

4) Believing we can be/are the best!
Nobody ever achieved something they didn't first think was possible. I want all of us to remember daily that we will be the best internet marketing company in Ohio (if not the world) and use that as a litmus test for every decision we make or every communication we have with a client or vendor.

Thanks for being a part of Adept. I am very excited about what we can all accomplish together!