Yesterday we rolled out our new website. Today we are rolling out our new blog credo to let you know up front that you can expect some different things from us. 

We'd like to re-imagine the potential of our shared time because at the heart of everything we do around here is this sick obsession with businesses and the people that lead them. Yeah, it's true, we love you guys.

We get you. You're busy. You've got emails piling up and client meetings to organize. You've got strategy sessions to lead and events to plan. You've got numbers to analyze, decisions to make, and a life to manage. And you've got to figure out why Slacker Steve isn't pulling his work load. It's a bit overwhelming to manage it all. What you don't need is another blog to read.

So we aren't going to be another blog.

We'd rather be your friend.

So lets unbutton that top button, and go untucked. We're pulling up a chair at the table and ordering you a drink. This is a casual space where both our ideas can live, be discussed, and evolve. We hope that you'll share your ideas as well because you have some good ones. To ensure the best conversations, we've established a bit of a manifesto for what will guide us. Check it out and hold us to it:

Our Credo

  • Business is about more than numbers and profitability. It's about people. People leading, people investing, and people following. We believe that the best businesses invest in people and in their communities. You'll find that we talk a lot about that around here.
  • Conversations are better than advertisements. We believe that advertisements inundate and bore, but conversations shape and move societies. We aren't here to preach at you or to sell our brand. We are here to talk with you and share ideas together about what tomorrow might look like.
  • Faking it is dumb. Being ourselves allows us to create the most interesting, unique and valuable products for our clients. So, you'll find our personality here. The Adept brand is comprised of people. People who are passionate and artistic, creative and thoughtful, fun and energetic, focused and attentive. We will be ourselves around here, and we hope you will be too.
  • We don't like rude people or boring ideas. So don't be one of those people and we promise that we won't be either. Deal?

And finally, we'll make a pledge to you. This space will be useful and beneficial to you. We aren't fans of fluff or meaningless articles that just take up space on-line. We will offer content that sticks by investing heavily in who you are and what you're about.

So, let's do this. Welcome to the table.