How does a pet boarding facility grow its client base with minimal advertising investment?

By understanding how people in the local market search for pet boarding services and optimizing the brand for maximum visibility.

Who: Pet Palace Resort

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Industry: Pet Care


Pet Palace Resort is a beautiful pet boarding facility with two locations in Central Ohio. While they are the premium pet facility, they didn’t have premium Google rankings for important keywords. They needed to improve their rankings and ensure that anyone searching for pet boarding facilities would find their website before finding competitor sites.


Adept began with keyword research to understand how pet owners search in Central Ohio and what terminology they use most frequently. Eight keywords were identified that have the highest search volume locally among people looking for pet boarding providers. Pet Palace did not rank well for the most important terms. In fact, they were on page 6 of the Google results for the most searched keyword.

Armed with a very strong list of targeted keywords, Adept began to implement a series of localized SEO optimization techniques.


Just 6 months after Adept began the local SEO program for Pet Palace, their rankings have jumped all the way to the top. In fact, Pet Palace is now ranked #1 for 6 out of 8 targeted terms, #2 for 1 term and #3 for 1 term. In summary, Pet Palace now has 99% visibility in Google for keywords important to the business.

As a result, traffic to the site has increased by over 800%.

SEO Columbus Company - Pet Palace