We decided to test our digital marketing approach with our own website. Here is what we discovered.

I’m ashamed to say it but I’ve been too busy for marketing over the past 1.5 years! With a limited number of hours in each day, I’ve had to spend all my time working on marketing strategies for my client companies instead of my own Adept website.

On May 1st, I realized that I needed to practice what I preach and take a bit of my own advice. So I decided to do an SEO experiment and make Adept the guinea pig.

We launched the Adept website in November of 2009 and never did any search engine optimization efforts. As of May 1, 2010 we had zero (yes 0) search rankings for marketing related keywords. I decided to set a goal for myself:

“Identify the two keywords with the highest search volume relevant to the Adept business and get to page 1 on all search engine result listings within 2 weeks.”

The first step was identifying the terms I wanted to target. Based on search volume for Columbus, I chose “marketing company Columbus” and “seo company Columbus.”

Then I began to implement a series of proprietary tactics we do very well to drive immediate ranking improvements for our clients. If I told you exactly what they were I'd have to... you know the rest. I'll give you the high level overview instead.

SEO Strategies Used:

  • Optimized key pages within the Adept site for each phrase updating code elements and content.
  • Updated title tags on key pages to include targeted keywords.
  • Then executed an aggressive and proprietary link building campaign.

Less than 2 weeks later, Adept Marketing is in the top 3 results (mostly #1) on all major search engines for both phrases: “marketing company columbus” and “seo company columbus!

If you are evaluating SEO Companies in Columbus for your internet marketing needs, I’d suggest you pick the company that can get themselves to the top of the search engines. Plus, they are probably really nice people. 

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Google - SEO Company ColumbusSEO Company Columbus SEO on Google


Bing - SEO Company ColumbusSEO Companies Columbus SEO on Bing


Yahoo - SEO Company ColumbusSEO Companies Columbus SEO on Yahoo