How does a high-potential start-up reach millions of people while ensuring every dollar spent generates a positive ROI?

By understanding how much money can be spent on each customer and building a Google Pay Per Click program to achieve that result.


Location: Columbus, Ohio

Industry: Fashion Retailer


JackThreads is a members-only shopping club that features daily sales from top brands in streetwear and contemporary fashion. As a membership site, acquiring new qualified members is the key to success. JackThreads had experimented with Google Pay Per Click advertising in the past but was not sure how to measure the success of the program or how to make sure it was profitable.


Adept utilized their PPC profitability calculator to determine the average value of a JackThreads member over a 12 month period combined with the company's gross margin and expected advertising costs. With these metrics, Adept was able to identify how much JackThreads could spend for each new member acquired through AdWords. Using this number, Adept began to optimize a Google AdWords Pay Per Click program to acquire new members at or below the target cost per acquisition.

One very important component of any online advertising campaign is landing page conversion. Adept created multiple landing pages for the JackThreads Pay Per Click program and measured conversion rates in order to test variables that would potentially increase conversion.


Four months into the Adept Pay Per Click program, the member base was growing 500% faster and generating profitable sales.