Local SEO For Retail Store Makes Huge Impact

How does a local retail business attract new customers without spending thousands of dollars in traditional advertising?

By understanding how people search for the products they carry and ensuring that they have high visibility for important keywords in the search engines.

Who: Western Reserve Decorator Fabrics

Location: Akron, Ohio

Industry: Home Goods


Western Reserve Decorator Fabrics is a beautiful retail store in northern Ohio offering a huge selection of beautiful fabrics. They created a new website to drive traffic to their store but did not have any search engine visibility so people searching for products in their area were not finding them.


While the Adept SEO program should be a 12 month minimum commitment, Adept is usually able to make considerable improvements to a company's search engine visibility by doing a one-time optimization of the site.

In this example, Adept began by doing in-depth keyword research to identify "efficient keywords." This means that we found keywords that have a high volume of search traffic but aren't incredibly competitive. Once we identified the ideal list of keywords, we ran a "ranking report" to inventory where the Western Reserve website currently ranked for every search term in all three search engines. This report assigns an over all "search engine visibility score" for the client's site. The score is calculated by assigning points to each keyword based on how high it ranks in each search engine. A score of 100% would mean that the site ranks number one in all three search engines for every keyword.

With the keyword research and current ranking report complete, Adept began to optimize the website. This involved changing the URL strings, revising alt tags, revising navigation elements, updating image file names, updating content, rewriting title and description tags and creating links throughout the site to important pages on the site.


In less than three weeks, the Visibility Score for Western Reserve jumped from 14% to 44% and achieved a first place ranking on over 56 keywords and are on the first results page 154 times.

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