Are you guilty of having a Friend Profile page on Facebook, instead of a Business profile?

You know who you are! I understand it was an accident but that doesn't make it right. I smashed my car into an SUV a few months ago while mapping on my iPhone. It was an accident but I still had to correct the situation (well, Allstate did but I helped).

The point is, a business should have a facebook "page" not a "profile." 

You still get to interact with your friends. The only difference is that they are now called "fans."

Your posts still show up in their feeds and they can still comment on your posts. There are even a few extra perk to having a fan page:

1) You can send a broadcast email to all your fans! You can't do this with friend profiles!

2) You can create custom HTML pages on the page to share branded information or embed interactive functionality.

So go ahead and make the switch. You can offer an incentive/contest to your "friends" for switching over to become "fans." You'll be surprised how easy it is.

Do it and I won't expose you! ;-)