Most everyone can reference a creative infographic they've recently seen that made an impression on them. Whether it had to do with the trustworthiness of different facial hair or the price ranges of beer and hot dogs at Major League ballparks...there is a reason why these infographics leave deep impressions.

Many can debate the reason why an infographic can be so powerful. The fact is that infographics appeal to the visual learner in us all. By using good organization and clever design, an infographic can get across a point quickly and effectively.

So, what does this have to do with SEO, you ask. SEO involves the use of link building efforts through different outlets (e.g. social media, blogs, websites, etc) in order to build the credibility of a website. An infographic can be a great way to gather quality, relevant link backs by sharing readable and popular content.

For example, the below infographic was created by one of Adept's clients, Phoenix Bats (one of the nation's leading wood bat manufacturers), and has been successful in getting many bloggers to share it. This is a "win-win" because online readers love to see infographics so a blog owner is getting quality content to post and the client (in this case, Phoenix Bats) is getting a link back to their site from a credible source.

Google values and rewards these types of relationships because one of Google's many goals is to encourage fresh and interesting content on the Internet. On top of that, Google is looking for users to decide which sites are the most relevant, which is why link backs are so valuable.

In conclusion, any small business out there that is looking to create buzz around their company, look into creating an interesting and valuable infographic to share...this will pay dividends in the end.


Baseball Bat Swing Infographic - Phoenix BatsVia: Phoenix Bats: Wood Bats