Here's another solid infographic describing the less-known value of "long tail" keyword traffic. We've posted about this previously with a quick graph showing search trends but this graphic goes a bit more in-depth and utilizes additional research from SEOMoz.

Here are the key take-aways:

  1. Definition and Value of Long Tail Keywords - Long tail keywords are keyword searches that are more specific than "broad term" searches and make up over 70% of all search queries. From an SEO perspective, these keyword phrases are very valuable to a website because they are less competitive while having higher CTRs (click-through-rates) AND higher conversion rates. They also lead to a more stable and "healthy" site SEO portfolio since all site traffic is not coming from a handful of keywords (aka "having all your eggs in one basket").
  2. Ranking Potential - It is MUCH easier to rank in the search engines for long tail keyword phrases because of the low competition and highly specific nature. This means as a search query gets more specific, its ranking potential goes up!
  3. Conversion Rates - Long tail keyword phrases are 2.5 times more likely to convert than broad keywords because the query is so defined and, therefore, will lead to a much more targeted result.
  4. Action Items for Long Tail SEO
    1. New Content - Add new content, targeting long tail keyword phrases, on a consistent schedule...through blog posts and new content pages
    2. Variety is Key - Target a variety of long tail keyword phrases
    3. Spread the Word - Utilize Social Media, PR outlets, and Online Communities to spread your content for others to share. The biggest key for creating content is to create relevant content that people will WANT to share!


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