Using Social Media Profiles for SEO Value

Are you taking advantage of the SEO benefits of your social media profiles? Allow us to enlighten you!

There are quite a few good reasons for businesses to sign up and create different social media profiles. A few of those reasons include brand awareness, customer interaction and retention, promotional opportunities, and sharing general information about the business. Another BIG reason to create social media profiles is for SEO value.

When thinking about an SEO strategy, there are two important pieces: On-site and Off-site optimization. On-site optimization includes any appropriate content changes, meta tag changes, internal linking, and other additional tactics to help target specific (previously researched) keyword phrases. Off-site optimization includes the process of gathering in-bound links from relevant and credible websites related to those same keyword phrases. This is where social media can be utilized for great value!

Obviously, websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ have an extremely strong reputation and credibility rating because of the number and quality of users. The simple process of setting up a business profile on these social media sites results in high quality link-backs to your website, adding a certain amount of SEO equity.

Here are a few "must have" social media profiles:

Additionally, here is a list of other valuable social media profiles: Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, SlideShare, MySpace, Friendster, hi5, Meetup, Ning, Reddit

Besides creating a profile on these sites, it is also recommended to add social media buttons to your website in order to promote the use of these profiles. The more users that "follow" and share information about your business, the better! Here are a few reference links to help you add these buttons to your site (you may need a developer or IT person to help you with this):

Now that you have these social media profiles set up, here are a few tools to manage them: Hootsuite (manage multiple profiles easily), Tweet Deck (organize Twitter profiles), Twellow (directory to find relevant Twitter users), Twitter Feed (allows you to connect Facebook and Twitter with a site blog)

You're all set! Go forth and create SEO value willingly. If you need some help, give us a call or email us.