How does a small business triple their number of prospective customers without lifting a finger?

By replacing their old website with a brand-new, goal-oriented website designed by Adept.

Who: Zen Windows

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Industry: Retail


Zen Windows had an existing website that was doing “okay” in generating prospective customers. But they wanted more. They wanted to know if it was possible to drive more leads through their website.


After reviewing the existing website for Zen, it was clear to that Adept could definitely increase the number of prospective customers for their business. While the existing website looked nice, it didn’t have clear click paths for the user, didn’t communicate the value of the Zen service, and was difficult for the user to navigate.

Adept redesigned the structure of the website so that it was easier for the user to find what they were looking for, and designed it in a way that led users down specific paths – so that they would easily take action and become a lead.

Old Website Design


New Website Design



In just 1 month, Zen Windows tripled the number of prospective customers they get through their website. Adept increased their conversion rate from .75% to 2.95% which is nearly 1% higher than the national average of all websites!